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This is the first review so all comments are welcome…

Just received the D5100 battery grip from amazon uk today.

It is branded as MeiKe and it is made in china. I am pretty sure it is the same actual product as the one from phottix. It comes in a box, bubble wrapped and with a manual and a shutter release cable. The manual is in two languages, Chinese and Google translator English and states the obvious things such as that the battery grip is not waterproof etc…

The grip itself is made from quality plastic and it has a similar finish like the camera body and a piece of rubber at the vertical grip area. It has a latch that keeps the battery compartment door closed (it seems a little delicate) and a knob that is connected to the tripod type screw via some kind of gear.

Under the battery grip there is a tripod screw with female thread to connect to a tripod. One thing that one has to have in mind is that this second screw is not actually in line with the lens as the camera one is. It is positioned between the two battery compartments and 1cm to the right as you hold the camera from the one on the camera body. I suppose that this might pose some problems if one wants to use it on a tripod panning for a panorama for example.

In order to attach it to the camera one has to remove the battery compartment cover from the camera (by pulling it while half open), place it in the slot that the grip has and finally screwing the grip under the camera using the tripod screw knob.

It fits really well under the camera without leaving any gaps. Using the camera horizontally the grip is improved with room for all the fingers to wrap around the camera & grip.

If you want to use the camera vertically then use of the provided shutter release cable is necessary. It connects a little round (mini jack like) port at the side of the battery grip with the remote port of the camera.


The vertical shutter release button fells like the original camera button, but the vertical grip is a bit box-like and I feel that the grip is not so good. The hand has no room to wrap around properly and its shape puts fingers in awkward angle. I would not recommend it for shooting vertically for a long time.

The general feel is very good and personally I like that the camera becomes a bit bigger. Also the battery life doubles and the grip is better.

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  1. is there a BG for AA Batteries?

  2. Not that I know of. I also think that it would not work, Nikon has a chip inside the batteries so the camera recognizes the genuine ones and will not function with OEM. I suppose a grip that uses AA batteries would have to be one from Nikon and incorporate the chip in the actual grip…

  3. Can anyone tell me if this battery grip is the same one that the one which goes to the D3100? I mean, would the one that says D3100 on the box from same brand and looks the same, fit the D5100 as well as the D3100?

    • hi
      i have nikon D3100 & D5100
      i have the bettery grip for D3100 . . its not fit with D5100 . . because D5100 smaller ltle pit

  4. In this video there is a modification of the D3100 grip to fit the D5100 : it looks like there are minor differences.

  5. you say that it doubles the batterylife… by puting two batteries in the grip it should tripple it, right?

  6. by using the battery grip you can put 2 batteries in it, but none in the camera because the slot is used to connect the grip with the camera… I suppose it doubles the duration but it is theoretical

  7. After using it for five months it has stop providing power to the camera. The camera works though without the grip and its original battery in it.

  8. So as per NIKOS_GR says, this battery grip from MEIKO has very less life time and it’s not worth for atleast 1 year.???

  9. Do I need to buy new batteries when I buy this battery grip?
    If so which ones?

    • You can use the one that came with the camera, plus another one if you want more shooting time. The second one can be OEM (not nikon) at your own risk…

  10. Muchos Gracias for your blog.Much thanks again. Keep writing.

  11. Where can i buy this battery grip needed it asap


    • ebay

  12. What lens do you have mounted on the camera in the pictures?
    What are the chances of the grip damaging internal parts of the camera (do to the fact it is a third party product?

    • The lens is the 35mm G 1.8 nikkor
      The grip has no electronic parts it just transfers the battery power to the camera. I would say that chances that something goes wrong are minimal

  13. I have one of these and its been a dream. I broke the small cable that comes with it to use the shutter release vertically. Do you have any idea where I can just buy the cable without buying the entire hand grip? I tried ebay but can’t seem to find it. Maybe I’m using the wrong words to search. Do you know the specific name of the cable?

  14. I just got my battery grip and it says that this battery can not be used? any suggestions???

  15. Hi! I want to buy this battery grip but Iam wondering is it also suitable with a black rapid rs-4 ?

  16. I want to get this grip, have heard quality control isn’t the best – sometimes it lasts, other times it breaks.

    Read elsewhere we have to use at least one genuine Nikon battery for this to work. Attach the empty grip, put in the Nikon battery, then the OEM battery and that’s supposed to do the trick.

    I’ve never had an OEM battery wreck a camera, it’s ridiculous Nikon won’t let us use OEM batteries or better yet, rechargeable AA batteries.

  17. Would anyone recommend the battery grip? Is there a geniune Nikon BG for Nikon D5100?

  18. The D5100 and the D3100 and even the NEW D3200 ALL take the same grip you can buy fully decoded batteries after market (OEM) for about $15-$20 US dollars ONLY problem is NEW LAW that takes effect on the 1st Jan in China basically bans or makes it very difficult for exporters to export there Lithium ion Batteries as they will be re classed as Dangerous Goods(DGS),I have a spare for my D3200 I ordered 11 days ago!!… has been through Singapore Post they rejected it now seems China Air Post doing the same…..death of the small electronics and lithium ion batteries in China…shame..
    for a link for the battery grip go to here (below)

    Had a grip with my Olympus e-520 works great and the Nikon too has a remote with grip…hope this helps..

  19. hi nikon,

    I just want to ask if there is any battery grip for Nikon 5100, co’z I have 1..I check here in kuwait shop and the sales man told me that there is no battery grip for this model.Im moving to Abu Dhabi UAE next week and please advise me if the battery grip available in Abu Dhabi or where I can purchase.

    looking forward


    • Nikon has not produced a grip for D5100 as it is considered a consumer model, you can get a battery grip from other manufacturers that will work with nikon batteries. I would look on amazon / ebay but I do not know how things work in Abu Dhabi.

    • the d5100 is supposed the take the same batter grip as the 3100 and the 3200 so if you get a battery grip for the 31 or the 32 it should work on the 5100

  20. Why use a battery grip rather than just popping a new battery in? What are the benefits of using them, they just seem to make the camera really bulky. Is there something i.m missing?

    • The advantage used to be, in the film days, that the grip had a motor-drive for faster continuous shooting. The case with D5100 is that the grip gives you a better handle to hold the camera (especially is you have big hands) and also provides a 2nd shutter release button for vertical shots.

  21. just buy it…..not impressed……..without this,the camera is too small,with it,camera is too bulky……..also,to work the button,must conect with the extra cable,not nice view…..also,just one button ???

  22. The term OEM means Original Equipment Manufacture – Only Nikon delivers OEM batteries.
    Everyone else are delivering none-OEM batteries also often named aftermarket parts.

  23. I have purchased one battery grip for d5100 on ebay and received it last saturday from uk and it works intermittently , what should i do ?

  24. I have the battery grip purchased from ebay, and the camera (D5100) does not recognize the battery at times, (error message pops up) here, I have to extract the batteries from the grip, and re install them, and I’m able to continue shooting. if you are doing important work such as an event, wedding, or such, take off the grip, you may miss important shots.

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